Coding Camps

Coding Week is a highly popular programme led by Innovative Entrepreneurship in partnership with the Cyprus Child Foundation. We have hosted 185 schoolchildren from throughout Nicosea to participate in Coding Week, with three days of coding instruction across five school locations. The aim of this initiative is to expose young people to website development, game development and app development so that they could potentially think about developing a business or following a career path in this particular area. Students are also presented with the opportunity to work as part of a team and to present to a large audience at the event’s demo night.

Across a range of industries, coding is consistently highlighted as one of the most employable skills in the market. Aside from assisting young people in developing basic problem solving skills, the skill also guides them in learning how software engineers use arithmetic to solve problems in a logical and creative way. Join us in our Coding Week and discover the true potential of this practice.


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